The Structure of the Association
The Board of Directors, consisting of 18 members elected at a joint meeting, is guiding the work of the Association. Three of those members are acting as Vice-Presidents. They are: Maya Kvezereli-Kopadze, Neli Gurgenidze and Nana Bichiashvili, with Ketevan Gogelia as the Organizational Secretary. Other members of the Board are managing the work of different divisions. 
With the purpose of maintaining permanent contacts with the population of the country and extending needed help and assistance to them, regional and district organizational branches of the Association have been founded. Their objective is to help on the spot the most vulnerable members of the population with resources allocated by the central office, as well as through charity funds and other resources received from local donors. 
The International Association “Georgian Women for Peace and Life” now has representatives in many countries of the world, including the United States of America, Italy, Turkey, France, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Greece, Belgium, Austria, Australia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Iran. 
The Association counts more than 1000 women of different faiths, nationalities, and professions as its members.